Events @ Elliott Hall

Please check below the different events happening at Elliott Hall or within the community.

Sound Bath & Meditation

Our second soundbath and meditation session is returning to Elliott Hall on Friday 15th March 2024. The cost will be £5.00 pp, please arrive by 6.45pm for 7pm start. Bring pilow, roll mat, blanket and a drink, to book please click link below. Spaces are limited.


Info on Gong Soundbath
The Gong Sound bath is an opportunity to make some space and nurturing for yourself. Release what no longer serves you and simply be in the moment.
The Gong is the most amazing tool to help switch off chatter, calm and slow the mind and help you achieve a much deeper state of meditation than can be experienced using other methods.
If you struggle to meditate then this is for you. Meditation helps us to cope with stress, reduces the pain reflex and changes the way we perceive the world around us. This can take us from an anxious state to one of more grounded calmness.
The magical vibrations of the Gongs and singing bowls massage and harmonise the body cells recalibrating the vibration of the body and balancing the nervous system.
The Process
You'll make yourself comfortable on your yoga mat, swaddled in a blanket or duvet. We will begin with a guided meditation to relax and settle you. This will lead into the Sound bath where you will be bathed in the vibrations of Singing Bowls, Gongs and other instruments.
Come dressed for comfort and bring a yoga mat and blanket for under cushioning. An additional blanket or duvet for over you, a pillow and eye mask if required. It can get cold when you are lying still.
Please note this session is not suitable for:
*first trimester pregnancy
Caution with:
* metal implants
*Third trimester pregnancy 

Easter Children Camp (HAF)

We are pleased to be offering a fun easter camp for children within the community. 
This club will also be taking anyone with HAF vouchers which will include food. 
Startimg Monday 25th March till Thursday 28th. This event will be taking place upstairs.

Daffodil Cream Tea

Come and join us for our daffodil cream tea event on Sunday 28th April. Homemade scones, cakes, clotted cream & hot drinks only £5.00 per person.
Booking recommended

May Cream Tea

Come and join us for our home made cream tea, with home made scones, cakes,
 clotted cream and jam. Sunday 26th May 11.30am-2.30pm
Booking recommended


Open To All

All veterans are welcome to come and join us and have a cream tea on us

Remembrance Breakfast 

Come and join us to remember the fallen, all veterans welcome. Free breakfast cob for all veterans and serving personal.

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